The Iconic Pike Place Market!

Seattle is blessed with one of the best public markets in the nation. In it, one could find a staggering array of culinary delights – from cheap eats to exotic, hand-crafted jewelry, artisan breads, jams, honey and cheese and the freshest bunch of blooms. The market has a old world charm to it with bustling stalls, cobbled streets and neon signs.

I already added short posts on some of my favorites at the market like the First Starbucks, the Radiator Distillery, the Famous Gum Wall and Britt’s Pickles, but there are so many more I would like to talk about 🙂


Low Flying Fish: This is perhaps the most popular of tourist activities at the market- fishmongers hurling huge fish to each other and if you’re very brave, you can get in on the action for yourself!

Old Seattle Paperworks: Old Seattle Paperworks gives you a glimpse into what old Seattle was like, with kitschy art of times long gone. From postcards to vintage prints and old magazines, there is no shortage wall space to feast your eyes on in here — think of it as a no cover mini museum.


Beecher’s Handmade Cheese: you can push your nose up against the windows of the store and watch the cheese makers at work in their glass-walled kitchen. Must try: the World’s best Mac & Cheese and the Flagship Caprese sandwich.

Piroshky Piroshky Bakery:  They offer delicious hand crafted Russian Pastries. There’s usually a long queue to get in, I was lucky to reach there early and grab one 😉

Storyville Coffee Place & Seattle Coffee Works: If you are looking for a coffee shop which is not Starbucks, but still has great coffee and free wifi, then these 2 coffee shops are worth checking out – I worked from there, while I was visiting 🙂

Miniature Car Dealer: Great little spot that is all about collectable miniature/toy cars. Super organized and great displays for what is an insane amount of inventory.


Market Spice: You can buy a multitude of spices, tons of tea and several pre-blended spices (e.g. harissa)

DeLaurenti: It houses most of the “shipped from Europe” stuff and according to me, it has the best variety of cheese, ever!

Barvarian Meats: It has a ridiculous variety of salami, bacon, headcheese, German-style sausages, and some other stuff I am at a loss to categorize.

Seattle Cutlery: Perfectly place to find your bad-ass chef’s knife and a ton of cutlery made with steel – even wine glasses!


Tulips : Freshly cut and varied colors of tulips, stretching the length of the market halls, at a bargain place – $10 for a dozen! What else do you need?!


Samples & Vendors in market : The vendors at the market believe in try before you buy, so there’s no end to delicious samples on offer, from unique jams, pasta, hazelnuts, spices, pastry, everything made out of lavender – right from jams to body wash  – you gotto try them! One of my other favorite vendor was a lady selling hand carved wood Seattle themed frames and magnets, could not resist buying one! There are also endless stores to buy the freshest produce of vegetables and fruits!


Pig spotting:  Pike Place Market is renowned for its pigs; they’re everywhere. Big ones, small ones, in shop windows, on the sidewalk, perched on rooftops. The most famous pig, Rachel, stands guard proudly underneath the main sign for the market.



The Market Floor: The market floor is covered with approximately 55,000 ‘name’ tiles part of the fundraising campaign. Mixed in with the names of market supporters and local Seattleites you can find all kinds of celebrities and even a couple of presidents. While you’re looking at the floor, check out the bronze pig hooves on the ground near the main entrance; also part of the fundraising campaign.

My Seattle trip was a week long and out of it I visited the market thrice, but I’m sure I haven’t seen it all – its just so huge and has a lot of things to explore and enjoy!

What’s your favorite thing/shop/vendor at the Pike Place Market?





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