Travelgram from Waterpark Capital of the World!

Wisconsin Dells had been on my husband’s list for quite some time, on mine not that much 😉 But now it’s made it to my places-to-visit-again list!

The Dells area has many indoor and outdoor waterparks, proclaiming itself the “Waterpark Capital of the World”! There are more indoor waterpark resorts in the state of Wisconsin than anywhere else in the country. In fact, the whole concept of an indoor water park started in Wisconsin Dells. How fascinating isn’t it?!






Noah’s Ark Waterpark: Noah’s Ark Waterpark is America’s largest waterpark, spanning 70 acres with five million gallons of water and three miles of waterslides. Rides includes extreme plunge slides, tube rides, racing speed slides, bowl drops, water roller coasters, indoor surf machine, massive wave pools, and lazy rivers. It is home to Scorpion’s Tail, the first and only looping waterslide in the United States – the experience on it is just ahhh-mazing!!!








Mt.Olympus: Both the indoor and the outdoor park at Mt.Olympus features rides for very young children to adults, as well as a range of roller coasters – all, with the exception of one, are wooden – and range from the tame to the terrifying. This year, the biggest coaster, Hades, was upgraded to include an upside-down loop, along with the 65-foot drop and the world’s longest underground tunnel. At one point there’s an unexpected 90-degree turn in total darkness.Hades is as thrilling as any ride at Six Flags. And the rickety-ness of wooden coasters always adds extra oomph to the thrill! Also, it has one of the best waterpark ride known as Poseidon Rage – it topped my husband’s list!

Mt.Olympus also has 6 varied difficulty-levels and concepts go-karting tracks – my favorite one was Trojan Horse! Mt.Olympus also provides a ton of good accommodation options -like Tree houses 😛






If waterparks isn’t your thing – the area still has a ton of stuff like go-karting, mini golf, adventures, deer state park ( we did visit it and it was a bit underwhelming for us – more fun for kids I think), duck tours and loads of day trip options – couple of ones that we did like New Glarus and Devil’s State ParkA water ski show known as the Tommy Bartlett’s Thrill Show is also said to be a must see when visiting the Dells! Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to the show before the season ending.


Eats: The culinary scene at Dells is pretty good – highly recommend trying out these places: Pizza Lab, Paul Bunyan’s and  my favorite MACS!

Overall, the entire dells area has a ton of stuff to do – 5 days wasn’t enough for us! Still loads to cover – so adios until next time Wisconsin Dells! 🙂




While planning our lodging arrangements at Wisconsin Dells, we picked .. wait for it… a tree house! Yes, a TREE HOUSE!
The tree houses – located a few blocks from the main attractions – are actually “tree houses.” They are not in a real tree, but are perched atop a large, somewhat-real-looking, trunk-like construction and elevated 12 feet in the air. There is a double bed and a bunk bed in each house, a microwave, refrigerator, television and heating/cooling unit inside and a picnic table, fire pit and grill outside. The space is pretty simple: lots of exposed wood and a couple of silly signs on the wall like “No Grown Ups Allowed.” The windows, tilted and wonky on purpose, are the most endearing aspect of the structure.
There’s a very nice, clean bathroom just a few hundred yards from the cluster of tree houses, and walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night is just part of the fun, right?!.
The tree houses are definitely “something different” – or as the manager at Mt.Olympus says – “The experience is supposed to feel like staying in someone’s backyard tree house”! Well, it definitely did! #ruchyum #treehouse #mountolympus #lovethedells #wisdells #wisconsindells #wisconsin #ruchyumtravel #bucketlist #wishlist #traveldiaries #wanderlust #girltraveler #thetravellerslist #iamtb #travelblogger #travelpics #passionpassport #travelphotography #recomended #travelporn #travellife

Travelgram from America’s Little Switzerland!

New Glarus aka America’s Little Switzerland, was a great pick (well done hubby! 🙂 ) to spend our last day in Wisconsin! This small village in Wisconsin was named after the canton of Glarus in eastern Switzerland and was formed by the immigrants from there!



img_5613_fotorThe Swiss Historical Village & Museum presents the unique story of the founding of New Glarus in 1845 and traces the Swiss colony’s growth into a dairy farming community that continues to keep alive its ethnic heritage. It gives you a glimpse of the Swiss pioneer life while exploring each of our 14 artifact-filled Swiss Historical Village buildings, including a settler’s cabin, collectibles shop, school, blacksmith, farm implement, bee house, church and more. Some of the collection highlights include the gravestones of some of the colony’s founding members and the print shop that produced newspapers in the 80’s !



Our visit to the swiss town would have been incomplete without tasting the awesome fudge and ice-creams at Maple Leaf Cheese and Chocolate Haus! They had so many varieties of cheeses, cheese curds and chocolates! And their fudge – mind blowing – specially Jack Daniels and Jalapeno ones, we had to pack some for home! Couldn’t get enough of the Elephant tracks ice-cream as was sooo yummmy!



One of my favorite thing to do at New Glarus was combing through the streets in search of the cleverly adorned, fiberglass cows painted by local artists. There are in all 14 of them, but we managed to locate just 8 – I guess we’ll have to go back to find the remaining 6 😉



By the time we reached the New Glarus Brewing Company, we were exhausted and tired and so didn’t get a chance to explore it much – but it should definitely by on everyone’s itinerary to visit the 25th largest brewing company in the states!


Overall, this picturesque community is a thriving showcase of Swiss heritage, architecture, customs, and cuisine. New Glarus residents observe Swiss traditions throughout the year; so expect to hear plenty of yodeling and alphorns in a village famous as “America’s Little Switzerland.”


Pizza Lab: The Pizza Lab made it to our list, for the build-your-own pizza, fast casual experience! With one set price you can choose to build your own 11-inch personal pizza. With five sauces, six cheeses, seven meats, over two-dozen toppings to choose from, and eleven amazing finishing drizzles and salad dressings, there are more than 87 MILLION different ways to experiment! Do the math 😉 The dough is made using high quality Neapolitan flour and the pizzas are baked in a massive stone-hearth oven to perfection! They offer premium, Wisconsin cheeses, including Grande and BelGioioso cheeses, which are must have! You don’t know what you have been missing, till you have it!

Nariiii, went a bit crazy looking at the available choices and fulfilled his lifelong dream of having a combination of BBQ, Alfredo and Traditional Sauce on the pizza (eeeks..!) along with all the meat options available and some veggies! I tried to combine the Italian and Mexican flavors in one – red sauce, black beans, veggies, jalapeños, tortilla strips topped with some garlic butter drizzle! Both the pizzas turned out great as you can see, though mine tasted better 😉 #ruchyum #dellspizzalab #pizza #lovethedells #wisdells #wisconsindells #wisconsin #pizzastagram #instapizza #ruchyumrest #travelbug #traveldiaries #foodstagram #foodporn #foodie #foodforfoodies #restaurants #recomended #foodpics #nomnomnom #yummy


An early morning visit to the biggest State Park in Wisconsin! We took the Turmbled Rocks Trail which runs parallel to the Devil’s Lake, an easy 1.0 mile trail 🙂
The Devil’s Lake was created by a glacier depositing terminal moraines that plugged the north and south ends of the gap in the bluffs during the last ice age approximately 12,000 years ago [src: wikipedia] The lake is big and has clear waters – nice place to spend some relaxing time!
The drive through the park was beautiful with lush green fields of corn and colorful wild flowers! And my favorite thing to see, rolls of haystack layered out in patterns – just like in bollywood movies!
Overall, it’s a beautiful place to enjoy the land, water, and sky! 🙂 #ruchyum #ruchyumtravel #wisconsin #devilslakestatepark #devilslake #wisconsindells #travel #travelphotography #travelpics #travelporn #wanderlust #girltraveler #haystack #beautifuldestination #bucketlist #clearwater #wildflowers #green #travelbug #traveldiaries


Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty is an authentic log beam built restaurant, serving the family style, all-you-can-eat meals, giving you the perfect ambience to eat like a Lumberjack 🙂 The atmosphere of the ole time 1890’s logging camps starts right from the parking lot where a giant, wooden lumberjack sign welcomes you in the front door. Artifacts, fixtures, tools, and historical logging photos adorn three golden pine log dining rooms. Antique lanterns illuminate red and white checkerboard tables.

Our favorites: Famous Flapjacks, Sausage Links, Camp Fried Potatoes and Warm Buttermilk Donuts (oh, I just loved them – super moist). I think I’ll go again just to get another one of the paper horn hats! 😉 Stay tuned for more from Wisconsin! 🙂 #ruchyum #ruchyumrest #paulbunyan #lumberjack #breakfast #wisconsindells #lovethedells #wisdells #foodporn #foodphotography #foodstagram #foodie #foodforfoodies #foodblogger #nomnomnom #yummyfood #delicious #pancakes #bonappetit #wisconsin #thewaterparkcapitaloftheworld


MACS is a new concept in dining with its roots in a family favorite-Macaroni and Cheese. And as all Wisconsinites say, everything is better cheesy!
Using their delicious house recipe as a canvas, Jackie and Nick have experimented like mad cheese scientists, combining favorite comfort flavors into a skillet of perfection, each one cradled within the curves of traditional mac and cheese. Fast casual, fast fresh, fast comfort and all Wisconsin!

The Wisconsin Dells location has a reclaimed rustic industrial interior. The lively graphic wall mural depicts Wisconsin’s trail of cheese and Midwest tradition while the interior dances with the only accent color it could, cheddar yellow. The Wisconsin Map clearly depicts the message of the restaurant!
Each dish is a served in a skillet (really cutes ones) with its garnish of MACS signature toasties. Our favorites : Jalapeno Popper MAC and Hangover MAC aka The MAC Gowan 😉 Stay tuned for more from Wisconsin! 🙂 #ruchyum #ruchyumrest #macs #macandcheese #wisconsin #wisconsindells #delicious #nomnomnom #restaurants #recomended #foodstagram #foodgasm #foodporn #wisconsincheese #foodblogger #foodpics #wanderlust #wallmural #foodie #foodphotography