Snowshoeing at Paradise Point – one of the easy snowshoe trails in Mount Rainier National Park with matchless views! 😍 Win-Win situation, isn’t it? 🤗😀😉🙌🏻 #ruchyum #ruchyumtravel #seattle #mountrainier #traveldiaries #travelblogger #travelphotography #travelpics #tbt #snowshoeing #snow #winters #travelporn #doyoutravel #welltraveled #mytinyatlas #traveldeeper #beautifuldestination


Day trips from Seattle

Seattle provides a great array of day trip options all within a short drive of 1-2 hours from the city! So we thought of exploring some of these, on the weekends while we were there.


Bainbridge Island :  The Washington State Ferry trip over to Bainbridge Island is worth doing for the view alone; you’ll be treated to a stunning panorama of the Seattle skyline.I highly recommend a walk down the waterfront trail, a trail that starts from the waterfront park close to the ferry terminal and leaves visitors with the opportunity to choose the 2 mile long western loop or the 1.5 mile eastern route. The eastern route takes hikers alongside the beach and the woods, the western trail offers parks, restaurants and historical sites. Downtown Winslow is known for its cozy, cute little shops and restaurants and is definitely worth a stroll.

Eats:  Mora Iced Creamery to indulge in extraordinary ice cream – their signature blackberry flavor and J’aime Les Crêpes for some unique savory and sweet crepes!


San Juan Island : You’re not going to get to all of the islands in this archipelago – there’s 172 of them! If you have a car, drive north to Anacortes, drive your car onto the Washington State Ferry which serves four of the islands – Orcas, San Juan, Lopez and Shaw. During the crossing, keep your eyes peeled for the local orca whales. To explore the stunning scenery and visit some great lighthouses, follow the island scenic loop map.

Eats:  We didn’t really stop to eat at the Island, but instead packed up food from Jack in the box, before we drove to the ferry. I hope they open one in NYC soon, cause we just don’t seem to get enough of those Jalapeño Poppers!


Mount RainierJohn Muir wrote of Mount Rainier: “Of all the fire mountains which like beacons once blazed along the Pacific Coast, Mount Rainier is the noblest.” If you have a day to spare, a trip to Mount Rainier will not disappoint. We visited Paradise Point and since it was snowing there + it was the national park week, we did some snowshoeing – and it was superrrr awesome! The regulars in our group said that Mount Rainier  looks great in all the seasons – can’t wait to visit it again!

Snoqualmie Falls:  Head to Washington’s one of the most popular scenic attractions for a day of fun! More on that right here.

Eats: For the best, South Indian Cuisine, grab-a-bite at Aahaar! And for the sweet tooths, do try out their Aahaar Special – a combination of Badam Halwa, Beets Halwa, Carrot Halwa, 2 scoops Vanilla ice-cream, warm sweet bananas. Yummm!

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival :  If you happen to be around Seattle, during spring, then do check out the the tulip festival. More details on it here.


Deception Pass :  Deception Pass State Park is the most popular state park in Washington State. From the top of the Deception Pass bridge visitors are treated to breathtaking views of the Strait of Jaun de Fuca, the Olympic mountains, and the San Juan Islands, while below them the swift moving water churns itself into a frothy mosaic of upwellings, tide-rips, and whirlpools.With 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline (that’s 14.5 miles!), and 33,900 feet of freshwater shoreline on three lakes, there is plenty of room for everyone. Watching the Sun setting over the San Juan Islands is a popular activity for locals. Every evening in the summer months the parking lot at West Beach fills up as folks unload their barbeques and coolers. It provides around 38 miles of hiking and one of the best kayaking experiences!

Boeing Factory: The Boeing Everett Factory, in Everett, Washington, is an airplane assembly building owned by Boeing. The center offers the only publicly available opportunity to tour a commercial jet assembly plant in North America. The tour is of one and half hour duration and it takes you to the Boeing Assembly Plant inside the world’s largest building (by volume) – to watch Boeing 747, 777 and 787 Dreamliner jets being assembled! It’s something that should not be missed!


Bellevue : A short hop by bus or car eastwards across Lake Union will get you to the heart of downtown Bellevue. We drove there to visit a friend and were pretty impressed by the way tech companies have led to the development of this area. Though we didn’t get much time to roam around, its definitely on my list for the next trip.

Eats: Head to Lot No. 3 for some comfort food and classic cocktails.

I’m looking forward to my next trip to the state of Washington, to visit all the other scenic places that it has to offer!

What’s your favorite day trip option from Seattle?

Exploring Seattle!

OK! So everyone who has been following me on this blog or Instagram for the last few weeks, already know that I’m in total awe of this city known as Seattle! Sophisticated, tech-savvy, free-spirited, historic, creative, eclectic – that’s how I like to describe this city. The city has a lot to offer and during my one week trip out there, I managed to explore quite a few touristy places 🙂

One of my most favorite and a must do for everyone planning a trip there is a tour of the iconic Pike Place Market – read in detail about it here.


The Seattle Underground is a network of underground passageways and basements in downtown Seattle, Washington, United States that was ground level at the city’s origin in the mid-19th century. After the streets were elevated these spaces fell into disuse, but you can definitely get a glimpse of this underground city. I highly recommend, Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour.


A trip to Seattle is incomplete without a visit to Starbucks Roastery, 15,600-square foot shrine to the bean, complete with two coffee bars, a scooping bar, two roasting facilities, a coffee library, a store, a lounge and a restaurant – one of its kind!


To see some of the best blown glass art and sculptures, head to Chihuly Garden and Glass! Amazingggg, is all that I can say about this fantastic and vibrant place.


The Space Needle is the observation tower in Seattle and an icon of the Pacific Northwest. It has a revolving restaurant, which has some great panoramic views, but the food is just okay. For exhilarating views, I would recommend skipping the Space Needle and checking out the Columbia Center Sky View.

Taking a Seaplane flight is a quintessential Pacific Northwest experience and a unique thrilling experience of water takeoff. I recommend the Kenmore Air Scenic Tour for the perfect experience.


For the book lovers, a visit to the Seattle Library and Elliot Book Bay Company is a must.


A free-admission public outdoor Olympic Sculpture Park is a great place to take an evening walk and enjoy the bigger-than-life public artwork and the astounding panorama of Olympic Mountains.


Dedicated to the history and exploration of popular music, science fiction, and pop culture, the EMP museum is worth visiting. A fusion of textures and myriad colors, EMP’s exterior conveys all the energy and fluidity of music. Don’t forget to checkout the guitar gallery, which has a whooping 236 guitars in its collection!

Although I can’t really post any pics here, but I would definitely like to mention that if you know someone working at Amazon, then please please please do visit the new Amazon building -Doppler! It’s definitely worth it. I was super impressed by the creator’s/crafter’s room, the post-it wall and the dog facilities!!!

As for the food lovers, try to grab-a-bite at these places, Kedai Makan, Serious Pie and Biscuits and the KuKuRuZa popcorn!

That pretty much sums up the places I explored and loved in Seattle. Which one is your favorite place to visit in Seattle?

The Iconic Pike Place Market!

Seattle is blessed with one of the best public markets in the nation. In it, one could find a staggering array of culinary delights – from cheap eats to exotic, hand-crafted jewelry, artisan breads, jams, honey and cheese and the freshest bunch of blooms. The market has a old world charm to it with bustling stalls, cobbled streets and neon signs.

I already added short posts on some of my favorites at the market like the First Starbucks, the Radiator Distillery, the Famous Gum Wall and Britt’s Pickles, but there are so many more I would like to talk about 🙂


Low Flying Fish: This is perhaps the most popular of tourist activities at the market- fishmongers hurling huge fish to each other and if you’re very brave, you can get in on the action for yourself!

Old Seattle Paperworks: Old Seattle Paperworks gives you a glimpse into what old Seattle was like, with kitschy art of times long gone. From postcards to vintage prints and old magazines, there is no shortage wall space to feast your eyes on in here — think of it as a no cover mini museum.


Beecher’s Handmade Cheese: you can push your nose up against the windows of the store and watch the cheese makers at work in their glass-walled kitchen. Must try: the World’s best Mac & Cheese and the Flagship Caprese sandwich.

Piroshky Piroshky Bakery:  They offer delicious hand crafted Russian Pastries. There’s usually a long queue to get in, I was lucky to reach there early and grab one 😉

Storyville Coffee Place & Seattle Coffee Works: If you are looking for a coffee shop which is not Starbucks, but still has great coffee and free wifi, then these 2 coffee shops are worth checking out – I worked from there, while I was visiting 🙂

Miniature Car Dealer: Great little spot that is all about collectable miniature/toy cars. Super organized and great displays for what is an insane amount of inventory.


Market Spice: You can buy a multitude of spices, tons of tea and several pre-blended spices (e.g. harissa)

DeLaurenti: It houses most of the “shipped from Europe” stuff and according to me, it has the best variety of cheese, ever!

Barvarian Meats: It has a ridiculous variety of salami, bacon, headcheese, German-style sausages, and some other stuff I am at a loss to categorize.

Seattle Cutlery: Perfectly place to find your bad-ass chef’s knife and a ton of cutlery made with steel – even wine glasses!


Tulips : Freshly cut and varied colors of tulips, stretching the length of the market halls, at a bargain place – $10 for a dozen! What else do you need?!


Samples & Vendors in market : The vendors at the market believe in try before you buy, so there’s no end to delicious samples on offer, from unique jams, pasta, hazelnuts, spices, pastry, everything made out of lavender – right from jams to body wash  – you gotto try them! One of my other favorite vendor was a lady selling hand carved wood Seattle themed frames and magnets, could not resist buying one! There are also endless stores to buy the freshest produce of vegetables and fruits!


Pig spotting:  Pike Place Market is renowned for its pigs; they’re everywhere. Big ones, small ones, in shop windows, on the sidewalk, perched on rooftops. The most famous pig, Rachel, stands guard proudly underneath the main sign for the market.



The Market Floor: The market floor is covered with approximately 55,000 ‘name’ tiles part of the fundraising campaign. Mixed in with the names of market supporters and local Seattleites you can find all kinds of celebrities and even a couple of presidents. While you’re looking at the floor, check out the bronze pig hooves on the ground near the main entrance; also part of the fundraising campaign.

My Seattle trip was a week long and out of it I visited the market thrice, but I’m sure I haven’t seen it all – its just so huge and has a lot of things to explore and enjoy!

What’s your favorite thing/shop/vendor at the Pike Place Market?





Elliott book bay company ~ It took over a corner of Main Street in Pioneer Square in the early ’70s and then after 36 years moved to its current location at Capitol Hill. The shop has the perfect ambience with an old world charm, books neatly arranged on the original cedar shelves and a cafe nook. A true independent book store in the best sense of term. The cozy shop has monthly book and poetry readings, and a continuous stream of authors that come from all over the country to speak and sign their books. The staff know their books and contribute their picks and reviews on the bookstores’ webpage! #ruchyum #ruchyumtravel #seattle #seattlelife #elliottbookcompany #bookstagram #bookporn #booklovers #bookstores #beautifulmatters #bookshelf #seattleigers #ig_seattle #wanderlust #books #bookstagrammer #instagramers #watchthisinstagood


Seattle Public Library ~ A civic icon and a functional, user-friendly building offering many different services and spaces. Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Ramus were the principal designers of the building. The glass in the library would cover 5 ½ football fields. About half of the building’s panes are triple-layered glass with an expanded metal mesh sandwiched between the two outer layers. Also worth noting: The building has sustainable systems that lessen its energy and environmental impact. Other features include automatic book sorting and conveyance, self-checkout for patrons, pervasive wireless communications among the library staff, and over 400 public computer terminals.
Architectural style – Post modern architecture! #ruchyum #ruchyumtravel #seattle #seattlepubliclibrary #architecture #architectureporn #seattlewashington #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #seattleigers #ig_seattle #library #librarylife #seattlelife #architecturelovers #seattlearchitecture #postmodernarchitecture #wanderlust #travelporn


KuKuRuZa ~ The Japanese gourmet popcorn brand’s only shops in US are in Seattle. So I visited it while I was on my self-guided walking tour around Pike Place and I L.O.V.E.D it! New exotic ingredients, new flavor combinations, new twists on classic recipes pretty much sums up this place. Must try:
Savory flavors – Jalapeno White Cheddar and Vinegar & Sea Salt.
Sweet flavors – Tuxedo and Smores.
They have soy-free, gluten-free and vegan options as well!
P.S: It’s suppose to be opening in NYC soooon ~ fingers crossed! #ruchyum #ruchyumrest #speciality #popcorn #popcornlover #gourmetfood #kukuruza #seattle #pikeplace #seattleigers #ig_seattle #foodstagram #foodgasm #foodporn #walkingtour #recommended #beautifulmatters #instagramers #iloveseattle #vegan #glutenfree #soyfree