Travelgram from The Historic Savannah!

Savannah is a gracious Georgia city basking in beauty, riches, and history.


Walking down the beautiful, romantic and quaint Savannah Historic District, was a blissful experience. There is so much art, architecture, history and fun in this small European-like town! The 22 Historic Squares all around the city provide little greenery amidst the business and historic houses. Of course, the trip would have been incomplete without visiting the famous Forsyth Park of the Forest Gump fame!



Radiant in her architectural splendor, the city flaunts her stately mansions and beautiful homes, many of which boast impressive, ornate lace ironwork. Some of the mansions that we checked out were: Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthplace – took us through the remarkable journey of the Girl Scout movement and the Owens-Thomas House – a National Historic Landmark.


Evenings, we went for a stroll along the glittering, multi-faceted gem, paved with 200-year-old cobblestones along the broad Savannah River known as Historic River Street. The century old buildings, once cotton warehouses, have been converted to antique shops, distinctive boutiques, spectacular galleries, quaint brew pubs, fabulous restaurants, unique nightspots, elegant inns and hotels.

The downtown had some unique experience stores like the Savannah Bee Company– where we did honey tasting, yes that’s a thing and Nourish Bath Products – which had some amazing organic soaps, bath bombs and shower steamers (I came across these for the very first time) – specially loved the “Don’t bug me” fragrance.


We headed to Olde Pink House, to try some Southern food and then to Leopold’s – apparently, the original creators of the Tutti Futti flavor, for some ice-cream! The long wait at both these places was totally worth it!


We had read about the parking hassles in Savannah downtown, but didn’t really feel it till we spent around an hour each time to find parking 😐

During the week at Savannah, we took a couple of day trips. One of the best day trips experience that we had was at Hilton Head Island, more on that here.

The drive to Tybee Island along the south eastern Georgia coast with salt marshes teeming with birds and wildlife was unique. We climbed 178 stairs to the top of the Tybee Lighthouse, for some spectacular views!



The beauty of the live oaks with hanging Spanish moss in Savannah is undeniable. For the best experience, we drove under the oaks on the way to Wormsloe, an avenue sheltered in the impressive trees.


The Skidaway Island State Parkwas very scenic and had a ton of scenic trails to choose from. We decided on doing the Big Ferry Trail, since it was a short and easy one. The trail winds through maritime forest and past salt marsh, leading to a boardwalk and observation tower.


Fort Pulaski had some interesting history and walking trails to offer. But the best part, was the chance to view cannon firing! Loved it 🙂


Overall, it was the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary week 🙂

Have you been to Savannah? What do you love about this city the most?

P.S: And yes, as always we did come back to our hotel room at 9pm on Sunday to catch the episode of Game of Thrones 😉 Talking about our room, we had our very own Jacuzzi in the bathroom!!! – we were pretty psyched about it 🙂




Cracker Barrel Old Country Store: The perfect place to stop by for traditional, homestyle Southern cooking! Cracker Barrel’s menu is based on traditional Southern cuisine, with appearance and decor designed to resemble an old-fashioned general store. Each restaurant features a front porch lined with wooden rocking chairs, a stone fireplace, and decorative artifacts from the local area. The store has a ton of gift items including simple toys representative of the 1950s and 1960s, toy vehicles, puzzles and woodcrafts – the most popular item is the Checkers board. They keep a count of the checker boards that they have sold so far on their website!
Must try : all the southern specialities including biscuits, fried chicken, and catfish & pancakes & casseroles!
P.S : The part that I enjoyed the most while we were there, was playing with the peg solitaire 😬😉#ruchyum #ruchyumtravel #crackerbarrel #oldcountrystore #savannah #georgia #southerncooking #homestyle #traditional #foodporn #foodgasm #foodstagram #foodpics #foodblogger #restaurant #recommended #wanderlust #traveldiaries


Honey Tasting at Savannah Bee Company: We have done quite a few tastings, mostly wine, but there were other things too like chocolate, olives, etc. But, never honey. In fact, we didn’t even know there was such a thing as HONEY TASTING! We grabbed ourselves a genius little folding spoon and began sampling the various artisanal and everyday variety of honey that were laid out there. The incredibly experienced staff walked us through the different flavors and made knowledgeable suggestions. Our favorites from the tasting were :
Tupelo – Buttery undertones and a mellow, clean-finishing sweetness. Bought home a jar of it 😉
Orange Blossom – Very sweet and finishes with very subtle citrus notes.
In between tasting there was a platter featuring the most raw form of honey, the honeycomb. Pairing it with cheese and apples makes for the perfect wholesome (& a bit waxy) bite!
It was an extraordinary experience and would definitely recommend it to everyone visiting Savannah! #ruchyum #ruchyumtravel #girltravel #savannah #georgia #honeytasting #savannahbeecompany #honey #unique #honeybee #tupelo #travelporn #travel #traveldiaries #travelblogger #inspiration #wanderlust #travelawesome #beautifulmatters #instagrammers #instagood #experience #recommended