Travelgram from Hilton Head Island

For the Memorial Day week, we headed to Savannah(more on that soon!) and Hilton Head Island! The island is just 12 miles by 5 miles wide, but it is the ultimate Island retreat 🙂


It’s perfect place for just basking in the sun at some of the country’s best beaches or to enjoy one of the 24 world-class golf courses and 350 tennis courts! The entire island is abuzz with a ton of activities, you could just walk your way to a new outdoor adventure.



Coligny Beach,  was one of my favorite spots on the island. It has the nicest sand – the kind on which you just want to lie down and chill. The best part is a small puddle of water, right before the main ocean – kind of a kiddie pool. I loved it 🙂 The island has some amazing biking trails, hopefully I’ll learn to bike soon and visit the island again just for that!



We headed to Sea Pines Forest Reserve, to see some alligators, snowy egrets and beautiful wild flowers! It was nice to spend time amidst nature.


From Sea Pines, we headed to Harbor Town district to see the candy cane striped lighthouse that is splashed across all the island’s postcards. Aside from the famous lighthouse, we also spotted lavish yachts dotting the marina, as well as a smattering of gorgeous rental properties. We had a nice lunch at Quarterdeck(highly recommend it) and then headed towards the water for a stroll. It was the ideal choice to spend the remaining day.


During our time on the island, we drove through some high-walled, well maintained and highly-secured golf communities on either side of the road and were really curious to check them out. So on the last day, we went to see a model home in one of them and mind-blown! It was like one of those homes that you see in magazines aka, the-dream-home-of-everyone! I’m sold on retiring at Hilton Head Island 😉

Have you visited Hilton Head Island? What are some of the fun things that you did there?