The betel plant is a creeper with leaves that are heart-shaped and glossy, bright green in colour. They belong to the pepper family of plants and that probably explains their pungent taste. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š There are nearly 32 varieties of betel leaves, but in India, three types of paan leaves, namely Kolkata, Banarasi and Maghai are highly popular. Of these, the Maghai paan, which is grown in Bihar is considered to be the best!
Pictured here is the Maghai paan leaf, complete with all the condiments and spices such as desiccated coconut, meethi supari (sweetened areca nut shavings), saunf, elaichi, gulkand, powders of kaju, badam, nutmeg and cinnamon, candied cherries, laxmichura, etc., and folded into a triangle and held together with the pointed end of a clove or toothpick! 😍

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