Third Port: Aruba!

The third port on our cruise to South Caribbean Islands, was Aruba – known as “One Happy Island” 🙂  And it indeed is!

We reached Oranjestad port in Aruba around 1pm in the afternoon and had time to wander around till 10pm! Our first ever port where we get to see some night action and it couldn’t have been better than Aruba – which is known for its neon-lighted casinos! We were sooo looking forward to it!


Aruba was one of the largest islands that we would be visiting on the cruise and so we had to plan our day very well! Below is our list of the absolute must-do things on this happy  island!


The Butterfly Farm is a huge, enclosed tropical garden, home to hundreds of beautiful butterflies. It’s located close to Palm beach – so a great place to take a break from some beach time! 😉 Although it is highly recommended to visit it in the morning when you can see the new butterflies emerging from their chrysalises – afternoon time was equally mesmerizing! So many butterflies, sooo many colors!!


Palm Beach, a 15-minute taxi or bus ride away from the terminal, is a great beach for watersports! Many of the large resorts are located right on Palm Beach, so a great place to stay while you are there 🙂 Added it to my list, for next trip!



Eagle Beach, a hangout for tourists and locals alike, is the longest stretch of white sand on the island. It has some lovely shaded picnic areas. It’s approximately 10 minutes away from the cruise pier by taxi or bus. It stretches soooo long, that we had one area of the beach just to our self 😛 Also, we got to see some spectacular sunset views from here!!



It may not be Las Vegas, but Aruba is certainly up-and-coming on the gambling scene, with 11 Neon-lit casinos island-wide. Crystal Casino, always hopping with slots and table games – was the closest one to the cruise terminal, that we went to. Insider tip: the slot machines here are pretty loose ( or at least it felt like that since we kept on playing for long :P)! Added bonus – you get free food and drinks!


Before heading back to the cruise, we took a stroll around the Oranjestad area to take-in all that the island has to offer!


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