Scented Bath Ball Fizzies

These bath “bombs” are simple to make and are perfect for gift-giving!


1 cup citric acid
2 cups baking soda
1 cup corn starch
Powdered food color (any color)
1 teaspoon almond oil, sweet
Up to 1/4 teaspoon essential oil (one scent or a combination)

Spray bottle filled with water
Round ball molds

Dried herbs or dried flowers (optional)


  1. Beginning with one mold, use sturdy scissors to cut mold in half lengthwise.  cut between each circle leaving about 1/4-inch border.  You now have 6 individual half balls.
  2. In a large non-plastic bowl use a metal whisk to thoroughly combine citric acid, baking soda and cornstarch.  Pass the citric acid through a sifter if there are many lumps. (Note:  if not mixed well, the bombs will be grainy.)
  3. Add food coloring – just a small amount is needed as powdered food coloring is very concentrated.
  4. Using a non-plastic measuring spoon, almond oil and add up to 1/4 teaspoon of essential oil (use all of one fragrance, or a combination).  Mix well.
  5. While stirring the mixture with one hand, hold the spray bottle in the other and lightly spray with water just until mixture can be packed together (to test:  squeeze a small amount of mixture in your hand, it should hold together in a clump without being too powdery.) DO NOT OVERSPRAY WITH WATER.
  6. As soon as the mixture can be packed together, press firmly into 2 of the half ball molds over-filling slightly.  Firmly press molds together, twisting from side to side to form a ball.  Continue with remaining molds.
  7. Allow bath ball fizzies to set for at least 60 minutes. Gently un-mold the bath balls.  If the two halves separate, gently press together again.
  8. Allow to air dry for at least 4 hours until balls are very dry and firm.
  9. Store in plastic bags secured with twist ties.
To use, drop one bath ball fizzie into a tubful of warm water.
Creative Ideas:
* Tie your bags of Bath Fizzies with ribbon and add a tag noting the scent, along with instructions for use.
* Perfect as party favors for wedding showers, baby showers and birthdays.

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