The Magnificent Colosseum!

Whenever one thinks of Rome, the Colosseum is the first thing that comes to mind! For me, it’s the place that I have dreamt of visiting ever since I was a kid. So standing there in front of the Colosseum was a dream come true moment for me 🙂

The Colosseum was on my list to be visited during the daytime as well as the night time. So the day we landed in Rome, went to view it under the moonlight. And there and then, was one of the best moments in my life!

On our second day in Rome, we took an audio tour to learn more about the colosseum. The very first time when we entered the arena, we were surprised to see how magnificent it is! From outside, it looks like a broken wall 😛 The audio tour was just perfect for history buffs like us 😉 A highly recommended tour for anyone visiting the Colosseum!









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