Salame al Cioccolato (known as Chocolate Salami or Sweet Salami in English), is an Italian dessert made from dark chocolate, broken cookies, butter, eggs and a bit of port wine or rum. 🍷🍫
A glance at this dessert from afar, and one might be fooled into thinking that this log-shaped treat is a smoked meat meant to be served alongside a platter of savory cheeses. Peer closely, and you will find that slices of this dessert are colored in a deep, chocolate-brown hue, and studded with light brown flecks! The appellation “salami” stems just from the physical resemblance. 🍖
It is usually served with a light hazelnut cream or cubes of cream cheese, on a wooden platter – to complete the look! 😉😋
It was one of the very first dessert that we had in Rome and absolutely loved this wonderful soft, melt-in-your-mouth decadent chocolate dessert – leaving us wanting more! 😛

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