Our first visit to the open-air seasonal market known as Smorgasburg, in Williamsburg and I’m sold! I now understand what all the hype is about!! Around more than 100 passionate vendors showcase their artisanal food here, every year during summers.


So much food,so many vendors to choose from! Some of the vendors, that we tried out are-

Raindrop Cake(featured image): Obviously, after watching all those youtube videos – you have to try it! (P.S : it was a bit disappointing! )

Wowfulls: Bubble wrapped shaped waffles with ice-cream scoop and toppings – get creative with the combinations!


Home Frite: Yummy fries and dips – all of them are sooooo good!


Colombian Arepas: To try something different!


Zia Green Chile Company: To have their prickly cactus pear extract!


Dan & John Wings: To add some spice to your menu!


Baonanas: Puddings galore – strawberry and OG flavors are the ones to go for!


The insane crowds and long lines don’t dampen the overall fun experience! You can eat yourself silly sampling everything while enjoying some great city skyline views!


If you are in NYC anytime before October end, add this to your itinerary for sure! 🙂


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