While planning our lodging arrangements at Wisconsin Dells, we picked .. wait for it… a tree house! Yes, a TREE HOUSE!
The tree houses – located a few blocks from the main attractions – are actually “tree houses.” They are not in a real tree, but are perched atop a large, somewhat-real-looking, trunk-like construction and elevated 12 feet in the air. There is a double bed and a bunk bed in each house, a microwave, refrigerator, television and heating/cooling unit inside and a picnic table, fire pit and grill outside. The space is pretty simple: lots of exposed wood and a couple of silly signs on the wall like “No Grown Ups Allowed.” The windows, tilted and wonky on purpose, are the most endearing aspect of the structure.
There’s a very nice, clean bathroom just a few hundred yards from the cluster of tree houses, and walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night is just part of the fun, right?!.
The tree houses are definitely “something different” – or as the manager at Mt.Olympus says – “The experience is supposed to feel like staying in someone’s backyard tree house”! Well, it definitely did! #ruchyum #treehouse #mountolympus #lovethedells #wisdells #wisconsindells #wisconsin #ruchyumtravel #bucketlist #wishlist #traveldiaries #wanderlust #girltraveler #thetravellerslist #iamtb #travelblogger #travelpics #passionpassport #travelphotography #recomended #travelporn #travellife


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