Travelgram from America’s Little Switzerland!

New Glarus aka America’s Little Switzerland, was a great pick (well done hubby! 🙂 ) to spend our last day in Wisconsin! This small village in Wisconsin was named after the canton of Glarus in eastern Switzerland and was formed by the immigrants from there!



img_5613_fotorThe Swiss Historical Village & Museum presents the unique story of the founding of New Glarus in 1845 and traces the Swiss colony’s growth into a dairy farming community that continues to keep alive its ethnic heritage. It gives you a glimpse of the Swiss pioneer life while exploring each of our 14 artifact-filled Swiss Historical Village buildings, including a settler’s cabin, collectibles shop, school, blacksmith, farm implement, bee house, church and more. Some of the collection highlights include the gravestones of some of the colony’s founding members and the print shop that produced newspapers in the 80’s !



Our visit to the swiss town would have been incomplete without tasting the awesome fudge and ice-creams at Maple Leaf Cheese and Chocolate Haus! They had so many varieties of cheeses, cheese curds and chocolates! And their fudge – mind blowing – specially Jack Daniels and Jalapeno ones, we had to pack some for home! Couldn’t get enough of the Elephant tracks ice-cream as was sooo yummmy!



One of my favorite thing to do at New Glarus was combing through the streets in search of the cleverly adorned, fiberglass cows painted by local artists. There are in all 14 of them, but we managed to locate just 8 – I guess we’ll have to go back to find the remaining 6 😉



By the time we reached the New Glarus Brewing Company, we were exhausted and tired and so didn’t get a chance to explore it much – but it should definitely by on everyone’s itinerary to visit the 25th largest brewing company in the states!


Overall, this picturesque community is a thriving showcase of Swiss heritage, architecture, customs, and cuisine. New Glarus residents observe Swiss traditions throughout the year; so expect to hear plenty of yodeling and alphorns in a village famous as “America’s Little Switzerland.”


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