Pizza Lab: The Pizza Lab made it to our list, for the build-your-own pizza, fast casual experience! With one set price you can choose to build your own 11-inch personal pizza. With five sauces, six cheeses, seven meats, over two-dozen toppings to choose from, and eleven amazing finishing drizzles and salad dressings, there are more than 87 MILLION different ways to experiment! Do the math 😉 The dough is made using high quality Neapolitan flour and the pizzas are baked in a massive stone-hearth oven to perfection! They offer premium, Wisconsin cheeses, including Grande and BelGioioso cheeses, which are must have! You don’t know what you have been missing, till you have it!

Nariiii, went a bit crazy looking at the available choices and fulfilled his lifelong dream of having a combination of BBQ, Alfredo and Traditional Sauce on the pizza (eeeks..!) along with all the meat options available and some veggies! I tried to combine the Italian and Mexican flavors in one – red sauce, black beans, veggies, jalapeños, tortilla strips topped with some garlic butter drizzle! Both the pizzas turned out great as you can see, though mine tasted better 😉 #ruchyum #dellspizzalab #pizza #lovethedells #wisdells #wisconsindells #wisconsin #pizzastagram #instapizza #ruchyumrest #travelbug #traveldiaries #foodstagram #foodporn #foodie #foodforfoodies #restaurants #recomended #foodpics #nomnomnom #yummy


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