The quickest and simplest flower arrangement that I have done till date and I love it!
The Stargazer Lilies add a dramatic effect with huge bright pink petals rimmed with white. Petals dotted with darker spots, add to the effect. The blooming blue Hydrangeas add a subtle blue tone and volume to the entire arrangement whereas the Tropical leaves gives it a great height!

Flower Blueprint:
1 Stargazer Lily
3 Blue Beauty Hydrangea
2 Tropical Leaves
7 Hydrangea Leaves

I made 2 of these arrangements for Ganpati decorations this year and they surely added the required magic! 🙂 #ruchyum #handmadebouquet #ruchyuminspirations #flowerarrangement #hydrangea #stargazerlily #quick #simple #flowerstagram #blueprint #tropicalleaves #flowers #seasonal #ganpati2016 #ganeshchaturthi #loveit


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