Travelgram from Disney World!

A visit to Disney World, makes me feel like the most happiest person on earth! And who wouldn’t feel that way in this magical place 🙂 This was my second visit to Disney World and it just as fun and exciting as the first one!


Let me start with a small quote that I found on the Internet! This is especially for people who think that all the Disney parks and stuff are just for kids. Trust me, they are not. People of any age could have fun there. My parents did, and they both are in their late fifties 😉


Our itinerary for Disney this time was pretty short, we were there for just 3 days – of which 2 days we decided to laze around in the Disney Port Orleans – Riverside Resort and Disney Springs ( which was previously known as Disney Downtown) and the remaining one day we spent it at the Disney Hollywood Studios Park.

We always stay inside the Disney World at one of their resorts/hotels since it saves a lot of commute, so you can enjoy the parks more plus comes with some additional perks like magic hours, etc.  The Disney Port Orleans – Riverside Resort takes you back to the era of white houses, with ornate carvings and pleasant fountains. It has some old cabin style wooden restaurants and a bus transport to Disney Springs!


Disney Springs is the downtown area of the city known as Disney World. It has chic restaurants, bars, high-end shopping options including some speciality stores like the World Of Disney, the Coke store and one of the largest Lego Stores, Mickey mouse themed golf courses, AMC theaters and an indoor interactive theme park, aka all that one needs for a day getaway from the real world to the magical world 😉


The Disney Hollywood Studios park is smaller in size compared to the other two that we have visited – Magic Kingdom and Epcot but its well themed, as a ton of super fun rides and a spectacular fireworks and laser show at night! It has some great restaurants which are totally worth checking out – the 50’s prime cafe and the Sci-fi restaurant. On a side note, I would highly recommend taking the Disney Dining Plan, it just makes life simpler 🙂


Adios Disney, till we meet again! 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.11.54 PM

Have you been to Disney World? Which is your favorite park in Disney World? Do comment below and let me know 🙂



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