Elliott book bay company ~ It took over a corner of Main Street in Pioneer Square in the early ’70s and then after 36 years moved to its current location at Capitol Hill. The shop has the perfect ambience with an old world charm, books neatly arranged on the original cedar shelves and a cafe nook. A true independent book store in the best sense of term. The cozy shop has monthly book and poetry readings, and a continuous stream of authors that come from all over the country to speak and sign their books. The staff know their books and contribute their picks and reviews on the bookstores’ webpage! #ruchyum #ruchyumtravel #seattle #seattlelife #elliottbookcompany #bookstagram #bookporn #booklovers #bookstores #beautifulmatters #bookshelf #seattleigers #ig_seattle #wanderlust #books #bookstagrammer #instagramers #watchthisinstagood


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