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Paan Milkshake with Chia Seeds #recipe: A refreshing milkshake made from betel leaves, rose petal preserve, fennel seeds and milk – perfect welcome drink for guests! ‪

– 5 Paan leaves
– 2 cups Milk
– 1 teaspoon Fennel seeds
– 3 tablespoons Gulkand
– Sugar, to taste
– Ice cubes
– 1/2 tablespoon Chia seeds soaked in enough water
– Green food color (optional)

1. Wash the betel / paan leaves and chop off their stalk.
2. In a blender mix together chopped paan leaves, milk, fennel seeds, gulkand, sugar, green food color and ice cubes.
3. Blend till smooth.
4. Pour into glasses, add chia seeds and serve chilled.

– Serve topped with vanilla ice-cream and chopped nuts, for more awesomeness!
– Drizzle some caramel on the top!
– Serve top with some sugar coated Fennel seeds, like I did!
– To make it vegan, use soy milk or almond milk! ‪#ruchyum #ruchyumrecipes


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