Travelgram from The International Pillow Fight NYC!

On Saturday April 2nd 2016, the International pillow fights was held in various cities around the world! We have been attending this event for the past 3 years now and as always the one held in NYC was crazy as ever!


Hundreds of people gathered in the Washington Square Park with pillows in tow – followed by craziness and chaos 🙂


People from all walks of life joined the fun.


No, it wasn’t Halloween, but the costumes of the people at the event was spot on.


A young girl having her own fun, rolling in the pillow feathers – the cutest thing at the event! She managed to grab the attention of a number of photographers 😉


We posing for some pillow fight pics! Watch this video on Vimeo, to see a few glimpses of the event.

IMG_2726 (1)_FotorIMG_2697_FotorIMG_2691_Fotor

From the outlandish costumes to the hysterical antics, the Pillow Fight proved to be a can’t-miss event for years to come!


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