Travelgram from Teatro Colón

When you are in a city, which is known, to have one of the five best concert venues in the world, you definitely got to check it out! Though we didn’t have time to experience one of their shows, we did see the splendor up close and get in on all the behind-the-scenes action with the theater’s extremely popular guided tours.


These 50 minutes whirlwind tours take you up and down innumerable staircases and through a number of rooms and halls. The Golden Hall with its enormous columns and mirrors was my favorite one!


Our tour guide took us through the eventful 18-year building process which involved the death of one architect and the murder of another! After all this drama, the sublime Italianate structure was finally inaugurated in 1908.


The Colón has only one flaw: the acoustics are so good that every mistake can be heard.

The eclectic architecture, which was the typical construction trend in the early twentieth century, combines the characters of Italian Renaissance, alternating the detail, solidity and grace of German and French architecture.


The theater’s sumptuous building materials—three kinds of Italian marble, French stained glass, and Venetian mosaics—were imported from Europe to create large-scale lavishness.


The workshops are located in the three basements of the building and extends below the Avenue July 9. It has a practice theater which is a replica of the main one!

The seven-tier main theater is breathtaking in size, and has a grand central chandelier with 700 lights to illuminate the 3,000 mere mortals in its red-velvet seats.

A visit is enough to realize that the magnitude, magnificent acoustics and opulence earn the Teatro Colón a place among the world’s top five opera theaters.



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